The robot in the skip and the six million dollar man!

Welcome to the further adventures of Professor Shell. We recently entertained at Sheffield Tigers Club in Sheffield. Lots of balloon modelling we used almost two hundred balloons! A great venue we hope to appear again at future events.   We performed at Zachs Birthday party recently the venue being Bradway community centre a great show concluding with our special multi coloured ticket paper finale!

As some of you may know I have an interest in robots and space toys [much to mothers disappointment!] After a recent visit to the local shops I passed a skip on the way home and much to my surprise peeping over the edge was a Robosapien Robot! I knocked on the door of the nearby house and asked a question I never asked before: may I take the Robot out of your skip? The answer was yes what a great find! [They retail at about £60.00] Mother says I should sell him on ebay! However he is very happy guarding the magic room I have assured him he has permanent position and he seems very happy to have been rescued!

Also met an old school friend recently we talked about old tv programmes and I commented I would like to find a kenner six million dollar man figure [I had one when I was fifteen] . Again on the way home from the shops a few months later met same friend who lives nearby and was kindly presented with the above figure! The old school friend had two of these and may I say what a generous gift. Steve Austin the bionic man is missing one sock and a shoe however I think I can him a replacement on ebay he also came with the engine block accessory and his bionic arm still works via a red button on his back. It has been commented that I may be the only person that can go out to buy a loaf of bread and return with a robot and a six million dollar man figure!

Looking forward to our next blog Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit.

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