A magical first blog of the new year from Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit. We hope every one had a very Happy Christmas and New year! Peter Rabbit and I always enjoy decorating our christmas tree and have considered leaving it on display all year! How ever Mother does not approve!

We enjoyed Christmas Day entertaining at The Holiday Inn in Barnsley [we also appear at this venue on Mothers day and Easter Sunday] Lots of magic and balloons. We arrived early and made one of our very special large sculptures a bunch of flowers it was presented to one of the guests who commented it was one of her favourite Chritmas gifts!

Concluding at about 3.30pm we then visited Mum and Dad I have to say the best part of the day being Mothers wonderful home made roast potatoes!  I was prexented with a very nicely wrapped gift I commented is it a robot! [I really like robots and have a small collection] no it was not a robot but socks! Next year I may ask Father Christmas for socks with robots on!  They are very nice colourful socks and perfect for shows!  Also much needed I never think of buying such things! Last year I attended the January sales with the instruction to buy a nice new jumper I returned with a remote control Dalek! It is an easy mistake to make!

Looking forward to entertaining everyone in 2015! As always Best Magical Wishes From Professor Shell and Peter The Rabbit !!!!

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