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And welcome again to the magical world of Professor Shell! We recently entertained at Oscar and Izzys party in Hathersage. Peter The Puppet Rabbit and I enjoyed entertaining every one! And presented for the first time our new Magic Drawing Board!  A cartoon face is drawn on the board and suddenly his eyes start to move and he talks! A great reaction from the audience we will certainly be featuring this in future performances! The venue was The Bell Room in Hathersage a perfect venue for a Birthday Party,  Other news! I recently visited Steves Toy stall at King Street Sheffield and found a very nice Matchbox Superkings bus. Great excitment! It is bright red and dispalys a Hamleys Toy Shop Advertisment this model has two doors the middle one is painted gold and there is a small button to press and the middle doors open!  Although I am very impressed Peter Rabbit is not and prefers a bunch of carrots. [ !Steves Stall is in Sheffield King Street every Monday] A busy day today I will be taking Auntie Gertrude The Witch Puppet out of the bottom of the wardrobe [she lives there for most of the year!] in time for our Halloween shows. We look forward to our next Blog!

Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit





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