March, 2017


The hardest part of being a magical entertainer for me is the travelling to and from venues. How wonderful it was when I passed my driving test Peter Rabbit was amazed [and so was every one else!] How ever in these modern times every one appears to be in such a hurry and the speed limit is ignored. On the way to events many drivers over take even flashing lights and sounding car horns even though Gertrude [my car] and I are observing the speed limit! We always set of in plenty of time and often arrive at church hall venues before the care taker!  My agent thinks my hobby must be sitting in car parks! How ever once there the rest is easy!  A recent performance was over a hundred miles away a long drive through pouring rain no parking near the venue and a very windy day! How ever when the show was set up and the audience arrived I put on my glitter coat tie and microphone every one laughed [at the humour not the jacket!] and at the conclusion of the performance lots of nice comments from the children and adults  even with stressful journeys and after all these years it is for me still the best job in the world and when the audience sit down the show starts  its always magic!!!