July, 2016

The Story of Peter The Rabbit

As many of you will know Peter The Puppet Rabbit is a real feature in the show. He is very naughty and a real hit with the audience. A few years ago a real Peter Rabbit used to appear in the show. The last two rabbits to play the part of Peter were very special. One was Beatrice who lived to the grand old age of eleven. She would answer to her name and the word sweeties when presented with her favorite treet from the pet store called treetums. She was also very fussy and refused to eat any carrots unless they were peeled first!  On her days of [she lived indoors] she liked to lay half in and half out of the sun in the afternoon with a rotating fan gently blowing the occasional breeze and was a picture of contentment!

Later came peter [real name and stage name] He was the a very naughty rabbit. He liked to bite my fingers would only eat certain foods he did not like carrots would appear out of the box backwards and liked to wee on the magic table. When he first arrived Mother said he was not really cut out for show business and really I should return him to the pet shop which I did. How ever after a sleepless  night [me not the rabbit] a slightly tearful Professor Shell phoned the pet shop and within an hour against Mothers advice Peter returned home.  I loved him because he was really very naughty and had a bit of brown fur below his nose which looked like a comedy mustache!  Peter was in the show for four years.

I had the occasional complaint suggesting real rabbits should not appear in the show and when I stopped producing a real rabbit an email saying they were disappointed  there was no real bunny in the show! I was so sad when Peter and Beatrice went to the great rabbit hutch in the sky and introduced Peter The Puppet Rabbit. The routine has become a real feature in the show and Peter  The Puppet rabbit is still being presented with carrots and receives the occasional fan mail!