February, 2015


It really has been laughter all the way this weekend we received many nice comments both from the children and adults! On Sunday we arrived at Elsecarr Cricket Club only to find no parking spaces due to various sporting events, After a few drives around we found a space . The adults assisted to carry in all the props [a great help up the flight of stairs!]  we had a really great show and a big reaction from every one. The event was Archies Christening . After the show lots of party food for the children and the adults food being pie and peas! I was presented with a tray of the above and it was wonderful! So full of pie and peas and with further assistance back to the car we set of to entertain Sadie and her guests in Renishaw. The venue was Renishaw community centre we performed our two hour party package [one hour show followed by a break for party food and concluding with a further approximate thirty minute performance consisting of magic and games] Sadies mummy helped with pass the parcel and gave special permission to include our ticket paper grand finale! A wave of the wand and the air becomes full of multi coloured ticket paper gliding gently dowmwards and due to the high ceiling the effect was very spectacular! Finally many thanks to everyone for making this weekend very special! As always best magical wishes from Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit!