September, 2014

Book Now For Christmas!

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest blog! Peter The Puppet rabbit and I have been very busy recently we entertained at Birkdale School a great show and wonderful reactions from the audience!  On Sunday we entertained at Katies christening in Chesterfield everyone had a great time and we really enjoyed presenting our special pass the parcel game this uses clourful nesting cloth bags and has become a feature of our two hour party package! It will soon be Halloween and Auntie Gertrude who is a spectacular witch puppet will taken out of the wardrobe [she lives thier for most of the year] to once again entertain at our Halloween shows! We are very proud and pleased that we will be once again entertaining at Chatsworth Farm yard in December Christmas is a very busy time for Peter and I we advise to book early!  Other news! Great excitment the other day when the postman delivered a 5oth anniversary special British Icon Dalek! Regular customers may know that when we are not busy entertaining we collect Daleks and infact any thing Dr Who! We also like robots particularly vintage ones so if you have any vintage space toys in the loft needing a new home we would be very interested !

Very Best Magical Wishes From Graham [Professor Shell]