June, 2014

Another Magical Weekend!

Hello everyone!

Peter The Puppet Rabbit and I are having a rest after a busy weekend. At the moment we are sat on the sofa watching cartoons! I call this market research so really we are working [Mother does not agree]. Peters favourite [and mine] cartoon at the moment is Horrid Henry! We think we have the best job in the world making eveyone laugh. At a recent birthday party a little girl commented you are the silliest man I have ever met! What a great compliment!  We recently entertained at Lolas party it Southy Hill like me Lolas dad is a big Dr Who fan and we had a very interesting chat all about Daleks! We then appeared in Carlton in Lindrick to entertain at Mikahs birthday Mikah was a great helper and was dressed as Iron man! On Sunday another show in Carlton in Lindrick entertaining at Isabell and her little brother Georges birthday. A great show everyone laughed including some of the grown ups! The venue was The Parish Centre on Church Lane a very nice venue and perfect for a childrens party. While loading the car the local vicar passed by and commented how nice I looked in my glitter jacket! A nice coclusion to another magical weekend.

Best Magical Wishes from Graham [Professor Shell and Peter The Rabbit!]