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Birthday Party in Wakefield then off to Thurgoland Village Hall

Hello everyone!

Another magical blog from Professor Shell and Peter The Puppet Rabbit! On Saturday Peter and I appeared at Yusuf’s Birthday Party in Wakefield we had a wonderful show and Yusef’s parents sent us the following very nice text:Thanks so much for today. It will be one to remember.Kids absolutely loved it and said it was the best party ever!Thanks again-Nargis. Peter Rabbit and I would also like to thank Yusef for the wonderful party food¬† and the slice of very nice birthday cake!

On Sunday we arrived in Thurgoland to entertain Nancy and guests at Thurgoland Village Hall another great show this is about the fourth time Nancy’s Mummy and Daddy have booked our show. It was a very windy day and Nancys Daddy was very kind and helped to carry in all the magical equipment. We arrived early and decided to make a few extra balloon prizes! Nancy won a teddy on a heart flower/a sunflower/a regular heart flower/a smiley space man and our very silly balloon sculpture of a hoover! Peter rabbit as always was the star of the show.

Looking forward to our next blog please feel free to send us any comments pictures drawings etc it is always great to recieve them!

Best Magical Wishes From Professor Shell and Peter The Puppet Rabbit!

A Magical Message From Professor Shell!


Peter The Puppet Rabbit and I welcome everyone to our very first Blog! Peter is so excited at the moment he is eating carrot cake while dancing to Gangham Style! We would like to thank Carmyl and her team for our new wonderful web site! Last week we entertained at Tobys Birthday Party the venue being Fulwood Scout Hut[a perfect venue for a childrens party!] This is the second time we have entertained Toby and his guests every one had a great time and Toby really liked his Spaceman balloon scupture. After a quick visit to Mc Donalds for a happy meal we arrived at a Church Hall in Stannington to entertain Sam and his friends. This is the second year we have entertained at Sam’s Birthday celebration we performed our two hour party package concluding with our special version of pass the parcel. Sam won the main prize! Sam’s Birthday Cake was very cool a Batmam theme with bright yellow iceing Peter Rabbit wanted two slices!¬† Today Peter and I are watching our new favourite dvd [for the 30th time!] The Snowman and The Snow Dog By Raymond Briggs. Looking forward to our next blog [Peter rabbit thinks it stands for big large otters go carting] He is very silly a bit like me!

Best Magical Wishes From Professor Shell!