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The further adventures of Professor Shell


Magical greetings from Graham [Professor Shell] and Peter The Puppet Rabbit. We really enjoyed entertaining everyone recently at Hunters Bar School fair we appear at this event each year . We have been traveling around the country performing in the Foundry shopping centre in Scunthorpe we had a great time and large audiences.  And recently across the snake pass [ we did not see any snakes Peter was dissapointed!]  to entertain at Mottram and District agricultural show. Recently it was my 50th birthday! I was very lucky to receive an old Marx Toys Train Set ! Battery operated and possibly the same age as myself! Also a Doctor Who jigsaw puzzle it only took a week to complete it Peter Rabbit pointed out this was very good because it said three to four years on ths side of the box! Today the post man delivered a new toy called air zooka we will be incorparating this in a new party game involving music and balancing sheets of newspaper sounds like great fun thanks to my agent Dozy Dave for this fantastic idea. Looking forward to our next blog!

Best Magical Wishes From Professor Shell and Peter!